Kami is a kekkei genkai formed from a mixture of Senju DNA and anoter strong Clans DNA


The Kami kekkei genkai is a S-class kekkei genkai created from a mixture of kekkei genkai, The only way to be born with kami is if one of your parents are a senju and the other has a bloodline as strong as the senju. So far there are only a few people who have Kami is Rokudou Kami Senju , Akutenshi Akuma Senju, Temuichi Uchiha Senju, and Tsukiko Oni. Kami is able to copy, destroy, or seal away kekkei genkai or jutsu, or it is able to imagine anything and bring it to life, envelope people in darness, Use a magetism more powerful then Pains techniques, and much much more.


The Kami kekkei genkai forms in the eye, and looks like you have no pupils, it has diffrent colors for each person
No pupils 2

Kami (Rokudou)

No pupils

Kami (Temuichi)


Kami (Tsukiko)

Akuma red contacts

Kami (Akutenshi)