Nicole terumi is the sister of Shun terumi and daughter of Mei terumi and an unnamed father , she is a gennin from the mist , she's really hyper also and instead of haveing the mercury kekkei genkai she has the Philophers kekkei genkai


Nicole is a hyper ninja so she needs things to keep her occupied so she wont get over excited and start attacking people.At birth nicole was a quiet and happy child , she always laughed , and was always cheerful.Nicole becam a Scientist ninja and started to experament on herself , but one day she made a serium made of her enimies called "Philophers liquid" and she drank it , when she did her Phlophers kekkei genkai awakened inside her and she discovered that she was fit to be a regular ninja so she went back to being a ninja and doing missions.


Nicole is wearing a kirigakure chuunin vest with a fish net shirt under it , the philophers symbol on her back and arms
Philosipher stone

Philophers sign

, she is wearing black pants , she has the byakugan in her right eye.Nicole has black hair and gray pupils , she has black ninja shoes on and she has the kanji for Philsopher on her forehead (哲学者 philopher)


Nico is a hyper person....and thats it fool


Nicole has the abilitiy to regenerate constantly , and kill rapidly


  • Philosopher art : speed death : nicole will grab the targets head and the targets brain will explode
  • Philosopher art : graveyard : nicole will put her hands on the ground , the philosopher sign will appear on the ground really big and everyone inside of it will be added to nicole's life span
  • Philosopher art : drink : nicole will melt the target into a cup and drink them
  • Philosopher art : flee : nicole will put one hand on the ground and a cloud of smoke will surround her and when the smoke clears , nicole is gone
  • Secret Philosopher art : homunculus creation : the user will bring a dead person back to life and the person is not human but a monster in human skin
  • Philosopher art : spikes : nicole will touch the ground and giant spikes will come out the ground attacking the opponet
  • Philosopher art : heart explosion : nicole will touch the target's chest and the targets heart will explode
  • Philosopher art : shield : nicole will touch the ground , and a stone wall will come out of the ground (size may very)
  • Hiden mist jutsu : the user will make blinding mist
  • Byakugan : the user will see all
  • Hiken : the user will spin and the user's chakra will protect them
  • 8 trigrams mountin break attack : the target's chakra will be cut and the target will have heavy internal damage
  • Cut : the target will get cut in half when things go dark
  • Lava globs : the user will shoot globs of lava at the target melting the target
  • Lava release: melting apparition technique : the user will release a large amout of lava from their mouth spreading wide preventing the opponet from jumping to avoid an attack
  • Boil release: skilled mist technique : The user will release a mist from their mouth and the mist is like acid , and it will melt what ever the target is , even if the target is the bones of the susanoo




paper bombs


  • Missions : D-rank :2 , C-rank :5 , B-rank :7 , A-rank :0 , S-rank :0
  • Classifacation : gennin
  • Age : 7
  • Birthday : janurary 24
  • Marital status : single
  • Family : Mei terumi (mother) , unnamed father , Shun terumi (older brother)
  • Kekkei genkai : Philosopher