Trinity is the daughter of Hiden and Kerunai.

Background Edit

Trinity was born in the land of tea, where hiden was originaly born at.She was just a regular villager untill she turned 15, thats when she learned that her father was an immortal homosidial maniac.When she found this out, she tried to learn all about him and found out that he was a Jashinist worshiper.She then went to the elders of the land of tea, and learned the ways of the jashinist.She then became immortal and began practicing the jashinist ways, after a while she got the hang of it and tryed the "Curse technique : Death controling possessed blood" But instead of turning into a black and white figure, black and silver armor brew on her skin. It grew around her breasts to cover her nipples, her crotch, the sides of her thighs, her hair turned red, her eyes turned silver, and the armor covered the sides of her arms.Thats when she learned that she was the new version of the jashinist, she had aquired the Jashinist blade. This particular weapon was so powerful that it made the user immortal.After that she left the Land of tea and began to travel the world. After a while she met up with Rokudou and became apart of "Kami".

Appearence Edit

Trinity wears an black and silver armor that covers her private areas, her arms and her thighs.Above that she wears black jeans, a black shirt, and short red hair.

How i act Edit

Trinity acts cool most of the time and she cares for her friends.

Abilities Edit

Trinity has an ability that allows her to kill almost anyone or thing

Jutsu Edit

  • Curse technique : Death controling possessed blood : Trinity will say the persons name and stab herself or another person and the person's name that she said, depending on where she stabed herself or the person, that person will be injured or dead.
  • Ultimate form : Trinity will yell at the top of her lungs and an explosion will happen and trinity's armor will turn red and silver, her eyes will turn red and she will become 10X stronger.
  • Immunity : Trinity is immune to all attacks, they will conect and she will feel pain but she will not be killed or hurt by the attack.
  • Double blades : After trinity transforms, she will grow 1 blade out of each hand.
  • Speed slice : Trinity will pass through the person in a split second and will cut the opponent in half, killing them.
  • Flower petal slicer : Trinity will summon a bunch of fower petals that will slice the opponent up.
  • Immortality : Trinity is immortal, she is unable to die.
  • Instant regeneration : After trinity gets attack and has a wound, that bruse or cut will instantly heal.

Trivia Edit

  • Missions : None.
  • Kekkei genkai : Jashinist blade
  • Releigion : Jashinist.
  • Family : Hiden (father), Kerunai (mother).